Welcome to Passive Monies! Learn About Me & The 3 Ways to MMO


Hey guys! Ooooh the first post here.. so exciting!

FIRST, housekeeping: I have created a Facebook group here to be able to answer questions in a way that helps more than one person at once. Please join up! 🙂

Onto the meat.

I’ve created a couple videos to get this site going and the main takeaways I want you to get from them are:

  1. There are a bunch of ways to make money online – They usually fall under 3 main types. Watch the video below to learn.
  2. Selling services that you fulfill is the quickest way to get started. Affiliate marketing (making a commission off of selling other people’s products) is the most passive.
  3. Making money online or “passive” income online is not easy (and passive is never 100% passive.. there’s no such thing as a free lunch) BUT
  4. It CAN be done if you’re determined, and
  5. You have to believe that you can do it and believe that you deserve to reap the rewards from whatever you decide to do in order to be successful.

FAIR WARNING: If you’re going to come on this journey I really want you to take this all seriously and mull it over.. I don’t have a specific goal for this site other than to genuinely help other people find success online, so some of you must be taking it seriously to achieve that! 🙂 I don’t have a plan right now for any products I’ll be selling you – if I provide recommendations for things I may use affiliate links (and will let you know), but I’m here first and foremost to help real people achieve financial and daily freedom through online income. At the core I believe time is our most valuable and limited resource in life and we shouldn’t all have to spend it in a cubicle. If there ends up being great interest in a certain process or method I may create a product around it, but it’s all based on what ya’ll want and need to know.. not on just making more $$.

I’ll be honest – it grosses me out a bit to be teaching anything related to MMO, but this really is the best contribution I can give to the world right now and I’m not going to sugarcoat it like others who are just here to mislead you do: even once it’s working it’s still a struggle. (Also, I already make money online without teaching it, so that has to count for something. :P) Regardless, it’s definitely not a push-button thing like other MMO bloggers make it seem.

Like you’ll see in the video, my main form of income is selling services, which means I have clients. Sometimes clients seem to land in your lap, other times you can be like oh sh*t sh*t sh*t… I need a new client! I experienced that side of the coin earlier this year and it’s not fun… but it’s still all worth it. It’s still better than soul-lessly clocking in for someone else to build their dream instead of your own.

You will fail. Failure means learning and you are that much closer to success.

You will struggle. Struggle means learning and you are that much closer to success.

I tried a bunch of projects while still at my regular job, and did all of them halfheartedly because I didn’t believe they’d *really* get me out of my job, and at the time I thought I wasn’t legally allowed to work on anything else while employed. I was scared of success because I thought leaving the company I was at, due to any success of my own, would literally get me sued. (Can you see why I might have a great distaste for traditional employment now more than ever? Bahah. Thankfully I worked it all out without burning any bridges but it was definitely a balancing act.)

The point is, it wasn’t until I quit my job and focused on doing shit I was actually good at and liked (aka was much more authentic) that things really fell together. So it’s important to be authentic by doing what you’re best at or what piques your interest the most when you learn about these things, and to be determined to make it work despite the failures.

With that being said.. on to the videos! Please watch these all the way through… we’ll get to the technical stuff later but I really want the new people on my list to understand the foundations of making money on the interwebz before jumping into a bunch of random stuff.



THE MINDSET (not optional)



Not affiliate links

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

The Instant Millionaire

The 10X Rule

And finally, if you need to get your finances straightened out with debt etc first, The Total Money Makeover

In Conclusion…

Please comment below to tell me what you want to learn about most – selling services, blogging, affiliate websites, etc., and that will get us moving with some real info. 😉

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Passive Monies! Learn About Me & The 3 Ways to MMO”

  1. You are so inspiring! I’m with you on the mindset.

    I would like to learn more about affiliate marketing. I’ve dabbled in selling and marketing others people product. (Using Shopify to set up a store front and linking to insta and Pinterest if that counts ). My sellers unfortunately weren’t as ambitious about the project as I was. So neither of my projects got very far!

  2. I’d love to learn more about the affiliate stuff and directing people to amazon. Super confused on how you actually make money from that but sounds interesting!

    Congrats on the site launch!

  3. I picked up a copy of The Total Money Makeover from my library today 🙂

    That is where I will begin!

    I enjoyed your first post! This is great info! It’s really the first and only time I’ve clicked on and then believed a website that said you can teach the art of making moolah online!!

    Can’t wait to see more!

    -Julia 🙂


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