Best Live Chat Software for Websites

Looking for the best live chat software? Own a small business or blog, and need to chat with visitors on your website, Facebook business page, Instagram, support email, and more all in one place? I’ve got the solution for you! I’ve tried many chat and helpdesk software options throughout the years. Today I’m writing this … Read more

How To Use Airtable As A CRM

Airtable has an endless variety of uses, only limited to what your mind (or business needs) can come up with. Not familiar with Airtable? Imagine a Google Sheet and a Database had a baby, creating a highly interactive, aesthetically pleasing visual database. It’s like Google Sheets if the sheet data could be interconnected, and each … Read more

Convertbox 2.0 User Review 2021

Update February 2021: I am still using Convertbox and highly recommend it for anyone who needs to generate leads from their website or blog. “The money is in the list” they say. The email list, that is. So one of the most important things your website should be doing for you is getting you leads, growing … Read more

Best WordPress Themes 2022

Fair warning: This is going to be the laziest post on the world. I am aware of that. However, I simply want to publish a list of WordPress themes to choose from right now, because people ask me this question so often. The answer is also really, really simple. 1. GeneratePress I use this theme … Read more

Which is Better: Drip or ActiveCampaign?

As many of my projects continue to move forward this year, I’ve been testing out different email automation programs and autoresponders, from Mailchimp to Drip to ActiveCampaign. Mailchimp is great for starting from ground 0 to get your feet wet, but not great for marketing automation in the long term, in my opinion. So in … Read more