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Hey friends. As I get this project going, I need to know what you want to learn about… there’s just a lot to the different types of online business and I want to make sure that whatever I put together is relevant for you. 🙂 I’ve already been asked a bit about how to get clients but before I dive into that, I want your feedback.

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If you saw my Instagram story last week, you saw I cover 4 basic types of online business models: affiliate, services, digital ecommerce, and physical ecommerce. SO the first topics I’ve proposed are about those items, but you can really ask me about anything having to do with online business, like how do you grow an Instagram? Does Facebook even matter anymore? What the heck is SEO anyways? How do you take payments online? Etc etc etc. Ask me as many questions as you want.

Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. Rat Race Rebel was created to help YOU because I want more people to have the freedom I have, so it’s really important to me that I feed your brain the content it craves. 🙂


How to Get Your Facebook Page Name Change Request Approved

Hey there! Today I’m writing to you about how to get the name change request for your Facebook business page approved. Why? Because I’m going through it right now for this website, and I know many business owners struggle with this. It just comes down to making sure the topic really is the same, and clever/guideline-focused wording.

Previously, you could only change your Facebook business page’s name once. Ever. Yep, just once.

Now you can change it as many times as you want, but you’re likely to get declined if the change is significant, even if the topic is the same. So requests along the line’s of “Bob’s Plumbing LLC” to just “Bob’s Plumbing” will probably get approved within minutes, while changes like “Bob’s Plumbing and Rooting” to “Billy-bob’s Family Handyman” is likely to require an appeal.

When you first get declined, you’ll get a notification where you can click “Re-open case” to appeal. Here is my first failed appeal and I’ll explain why:

-I did not directly address the reason for denial
-I did not specify that the page name change was a rebrand, which is one of the only significant name changes that’s allowed
-My request was too long and confusing

So I was denied.

Then I went back and looked at a previous name change I had appealed and gotten approval. I followed the same template and now my request is being considered as a rebrand, and I’m betting it will get approved.

The rules are:
-Address the reason for denial directly (“The reason for my denial was “the name you requested suggests that the subject of your Page has changed”, however the subject of the page has not changed. “)
-Explain that it’s the same thing and provide the addresses to see the rebrand/move (this is necessary)
-Make sure to say THIS IS A REBRAND.

Then they will ask for proof, which you should already have published.

You need to have 2 things ready if you’re not a registered business with legal proof: Your old website name with a big post on the front page stating the name change (make sure to call it a rebrand, once again!), and a post on the Facebook page that you’re trying to change informing people of the update.

I anticipate this will be approved with no problem now as I’ve provided the exact documentation they requested. 🙂

Follow these steps to get your name change approved. This process will have worked for me multiple times now once this goes through.

So What’s Possible with Niche Sites for Newbies? 5 figures? Yes.

When people hear that you can make $ with a niche site, they assume it’s only for people who already work with and understand the internet and web development. This isn’t true! I’ve recently been asked by a couple people – what is possible if I actually put effort into this? 

The first thing that comes to mind when asked that are a couple specific examples of interviews that really inspired or motivated me in some way. People who did not start out online – and often had very lucrative careers offline.

Here are the examples. Most are from Niche Pursuits which I’ve followed for a long time, and actually interned for once, before dropping out early to start my agency 😛 (sorry, Spencer!)

  1. Claire Smith, a DENTIST who quit her job due to Niche Sites. After hearing this podcast I incorporated many of her tactics into my gameplan and personally call those the “Claire Smith Methods.”
  2. Dave Fox, my personal Facebook friend who is able to dabble in his passion, MUSIC, because of the income his niche sites bring in (we were FB friends before the podcast :P)
  3. Nick Hashe, an Australian MINING ENGINEER (!!! can you say $$$) who, like Claire Smith, quit his high paying job due to niche sites – and he did it in just over 1 year.

Bonus interviews:

  1. Not a niche site, but Michelle from Making Sense of Cents makes over 6 figures per month from her blog (I love this one because Michelle is also a full time RVer)
    Turning Paying Off Student Loans Into a Million Dollar Business
  2. Al-Amin’s personal account of building a 6 figure website business in a year on Marketever
  3. Also gonna give a shoutout to Matthew Woodward here because he makes over 5 figures a month with his blog and also helped me back and forth in email at one point while I was struggling about what to do when my previous job was making it impossible to work on my own projects 😛

When it comes down to it, most people who are successful online don’t talk about it. They just keep doing the thing that they’re successful at. So we’re lucky to have people who find them and interview them.

By taking the time to listen to (and read) each of these, you’re going to be filling your brain with belief and you’ll get the wheels turning. No matter what stage you’re at, this is important.